Zechariah 8

Who is speaking (Zech. 8:1)? ____________________________________________________

Who is the Lord zealous or jealous for (v.2)? _______________________________________

How zealous or jealous is the Lord (v.2)? __________________________________________

Where will the Lord return to (v.3)? _______________________________________________

Where will the Lord dwell (v.3)? __________________________________________________

What will Jerusalem be called (v.3)? _______________________________________________

What will the Mountain of the Lord of hosts be called (v.3)? ____________________________

Who will sit in the streets of Jerusalem (v.4)? ________________________________________

What will the elderly need in their hand because of their age (v.4)? _______________________

What will the streets or the city be full of (v.5)? _____________________________________

What will the boys and girls be doing in the streets (v.5)? ______________________________

Whose eyes will the children playing be marvelous in (v.6)? ____________________________

Who will the Lord of hosts save His people from (v.7)? _______________________________

Where will the Lord's people dwell when He brings them back (v.8)? _____________________

In what virtues will God be their God (v.8)? ________________________________________

What is to be strong (v.9)? ______________________________________________________

Who have the people been hearing (v.9)? ___________________________________________

When were the prophets prophesying (v.9)? _________________________________________

Why did their hands need to be strong (v.9)? ________________________________________

Before these days, there was no wages or hire for whom (v.10)? ________________________

Who was there no peace for (v.10)? _______________________________________________

Who kept them from having peace (v.10)? __________________________________________

Who set everyone against his neighbor (v.10)? ______________________________________

How will the Lord not treat the remnant or residue of the people (v.11)? _________________

What will happen to the seed (v.12)? _____________________________________________

What will happen to the vine (v.12)? ______________________________________________

What will happen to the ground (v.12)? ____________________________________________

What will happen to the heavens (v.12)? ___________________________________________

What will the Lord cause to the remnant of the people to have (v.12)? ___________________

What was Judah and Israel among the nations or heathen (v.13)? _______________________

Instead of a curse, Judah and Israel shall be a what (v.13)? ____________________________

What was Judah and Israel not to do (v.13)? _______________________________________

Let your hands be __________________ (v.13).

What did the Lord do when their fathers provoked Him to wrath (v.14)? _________________

What would the Lord not do in His wrath (v.14)? ___________________________________

What will the Lord do to Jerusalem and Judah (v.15)? _______________________________

What were the people not to do (v.15)? __________________________________________

What are the two things the people shall do in verse 16? ______________________________


What are the two things the people shall do and that the Lord hates in verse 17? ___________


Whose word came to Zechariah (v.18)? ___________________________________________

What shall be joy and gladness and cheerful feasts (v.19)? _____________________________

What are you to love (v.19)? ____________________________________________________

Who shall come (v.20)? _________________________________________________________

What will the inhabitants of one city say to another city (v.21)? _________________________


What were they going to do before the Lord (v.21)? ___________________________________

Who shall come and seek the Lord of hosts (v.22)? ___________________________________

Where will they pray and seek the Lord of hosts (v.22)? _______________________________

Who will grab the sleeve or skirt of a Jewish man (v. 23)? ______________________________

What will the ten men say (v.23)? _________________________________________________

 When will this happen (v.23)? ____________________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook (toddrcook@biblestudies4u.info)

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