Zechariah 4

What did the angel who talked with Zechariah do (Zech. 4:1)? __________________________

What did the angel say to Zechariah (v.2)? __________________________________________

What object did Zechariah see (v.2)? ______________________________________________

What did the lampstand or candlestick look like (v.2)? ________________________________


What were by the lampstand (v.3)? _______________________________________________

What did Zechariah ask the angel (v.4)? ___________________________________________

Did Zechariah know what the lampstand and olive trees were (v.5)? ______________________

Who was the word of the Lord to in verse six? _______________________________________

What was the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel (v.6)? __________________________________

What will the great mountain become before Zerubbabel (v.7)? __________________________

What will Zerubbabel bring forth (v.7)? ____________________________________________

What will the shouts say (v.7)? ___________________________________________________

What came to Zechariah in verse eight? _____________________________________________

What did the hands of Zerubbabel lay (v.9)? _________________________________________

Who will finish the temple (v.9)? __________________________________________________

What will Zechariah know when the temple is finished (v.9)? ____________________________


What question was asked in verse ten? ______________________________________________


What was in the hand of Zerubbabel (v.10)? __________________________________________

Where do the eyes of the Lord run (v.10)? ___________________________________________

What did Zechariah ask about (v.11)? _____________________________________________

What does the two olive branches produce (v.12)? ___________________________________

Through what does the golden oil flow (v.12)? ______________________________________

Did Zechariah know what these were (v.13)? _______________________________________

What did the two olive trees represent (v.14)? _______________________________________

Where did the two anointed ones stand (v.14)? _______________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook (toddrcook@biblestudies4u.info)

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