Zechariah 2

What did Zechariah see (Zech. 2:1)? ______________________________________________

What was the man going to measure (v.2)? _________________________________________

What dimensions were the man to measure (v.2)? ____________________________________

Who was coming out to meet the man (v.3)? ________________________________________

To whom was the angel to speak (v.4)? ____________________________________________

Will this future Jerusalem have walls (v.4)? _________________________________________

Why won't this Jerusalem have walls (v.4)? _________________________________________

Who will be a wall around Jerusalem (v.5)? _________________________________________

What type of wall will the Lord be around Jerusalem (v.5)? _____________________________

Who will be the glory in the midst of Jerusalem (v.5)? _________________________________

Where were they commanded to flee from (v.6)? _____________________________________

How has the Lord spread the Isrealites abroad (v.6)? __________________________________

Who is to escape in verse seven? __________________________________________________

Which nations were the Lord of Hosts sent to (v.8)? ___________________________________

Who is the apple of His eye (v.8)? _________________________________________________

What will happen to the nations when the Lord of Hosts shakes His hand against them (v.9)? ___


Who is the I or me in verses 8 - 13? ________________________________________________

Who sent me in verse nine? ______________________________________________________

Who is to sing and rejoice (v.10)? _________________________________________________

Who is coming and dwelling in Zion (v.10)? _________________________________________

Who will be joined to the Lord in that day (v.11)? _____________________________________

What shall the nations become (v.11)? ____________________________________________

What shall they know (v.11)? ___________________________________________________

What will the Lord take possession of (v.12)? ______________________________________

What is the Lord's inheritance (v.12)? _____________________________________________

Where will His inheritance be (v.12)? _____________________________________________

What will the Lord choose again (v.12)? ___________________________________________

Who is to be silent (v.13)? ______________________________________________________

Why is all flesh to be silent (v.13)? ________________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook (toddrcook@biblestudies4u.info)

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