Zechariah 13

In that day, to whom shall the fountain be opened (Zech. 13:1)? _________________________

What is the purpose of the fountain (v.1)? __________________________________________

In that day, what will the Lord cut off from the land (v.2)? _____________________________

What will not be remembered (v.2)? _______________________________________________

What else will the Lord cause to depart or to pass out the land (v.2)? _____________________

What will parents say to a child who prophesies in the last days (v.3)? _____________________

What will parents do to their child who prophesies (v.3)? _______________________________

What will happen to the prophet when he prophesies (v.4)? _____________________________

What won't the prophets wear (v.4)? _______________________________________________

What claim will the prophet make (v.5)? ____________________________________________

What will someone ask this false prophet (v.6)? _______________________________________

Where will he say his wounds come from (v.6)? _______________________________________

Who is the sword to wake against (7)? ______________________________________________

What will happen when they strike the Shepherd (v.7)? _________________________________

Note: See Matt. 26:31.

What will the Lord do with His hand (v.7)? __________________________________________

What will come to pass in all the land (v.8)? _________________________________________

How many will be left in the land (v.8)? _____________________________________________

What will the Lord do with the one-third (v.9)? _______________________________________

What will the one-third call on (v.9)? _______________________________________________

Will the Lord answer the people (v.9)? _____________________________________________

Whose people will they be (v.9)? _________________________________________________

Whose God will He be (v.9)? ____________________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook (toddrcook@biblestudies4u.info)

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