Zechariah 11

Who is to open their doors (Zech. 11:1)? ___________________________________________

Why is Lebanon to open their doors (v.1)? __________________________________________

Why are the trees to wail (v.2)? ___________________________________________________

Why are the shepherds wailing or howling (v.3)? _____________________________________

What happened to the pride or thicket of the Jordan (v.3)? _____________________________

What are they to feed the flock for (v.4)? ___________________________________________

What do the owners do to the flocks (vv.4-5)? _______________________________________

What do the sellers of the flocks say (v.5)? __________________________________________

What emotions are not shown (v.5)? _______________________________________________

What will the Lord not pity (v.6)? _________________________________________________

Where is the Lord going to deliver everyone (v.6)? ___________________________________

What will happen to the land (v.6)? ________________________________________________

Note: Zechariah starts to act the role of the Messiah as he was commanded in verse 4.

What did Zechariah do to the flock (v.7)? ___________________________________________

What were the two staffs called (v.7)? ______________________________________________

What happened to the three shepherds (v.8)? _________________________________________

What was the relationship between the shepherds and Zechariah like (v.8)? _________________


What does Zechariah say he will not do for them (v.9)? _________________________________

What will Zechariah let happen to them (v.9)? ________________________________________

What was the name of the staff (v.10)? ______________________________________________

What was done to the staff (v.10)? _________________________________________________

What did the Lord do with the covenant that He had with the people (v.10)? _______________

When did the Lord break His covenant with the people (v.11)? __________________________

Who knew that it was the word of the Lord (v.11)? ___________________________________

What did Zechariah tell them to give him (v.12)? _____________________________________

How much silver was weighed out for him (v.12)? ____________________________________

What was Zechariah told to do with the silver (v.13)? _________________________________

Where did Zechariah throw the silver (v.13)? ________________________________________

Note: See Matthew 27:3-10

What was the other staff's name (v.14)? _____________________________________________

What was done to the staff (v.14)? _________________________________________________

What did the breaking of the staff represent (v.14)? ____________________________________

What did the Lord tell Zechariah to do (v.15)? _______________________________________

What will the shepherd be like that the Lord will raise up (v.16)? _________________________

What will this shepherd eat (v.16)? ________________________________________________

What does the worthless shepherd do (v.17)? _______________________________________

What will happen to the worthless shepherd (v.17)? ___________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook (toddrcook@biblestudies4u.info)

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