Ruth 4

Where did Boaz go? v.1 __________________________________________________________

Who came by? v.1 ______________________________________________________________

What did Boaz ask him? v. 1 ______________________________________________________

Who else did Boaz ask to join them? v. 2 ____________________________________________

What did Boaz say to his relative? v. 3 ______________________________________________

How did Boaz explain the situation? v. 4 ____________________________________________


How did the relative respond? v. 4 _________________________________________________

Who came with the land? v. 5 ____________________________________________________

What was the purpose of the wife of the dead going with the land? v. 5 __________________


How did the relative respond now? v. 6 _____________________________________________

Why didn't the kinsman want to redeem the land? v. 6 ________________________________


What was the custom concerning redeeming and exchanging, to confirm anything? v. 7 _____


What did the kinsman say to Boaz? v. 8 _____________________________________________

What else did the kinsman do? v. 8 _________________________________(see Deut. 25:5-10)

What did Boaz say to the elders and all the people? v. 9 _______________________________

What did Boaz get beside the land? v. 10 ____________________________________________

What was the purpose of Boaz marrying Ruth? v. 10 ___________________________________


Who witnessed this transaction? v.11 ______________________________________________

Did what the people ask the Lord to do happen according to Mt. 1:5? v.11 _______________

What was the people's response? vv.11-12 __________________________________________

Whose house did the people say Boaz’s house should be like? v.12 ______________________

Who shall give the seed or offspring to Boaz from this woman? v.12 _____________________

What did Boaz do? v. 13 _________________________________________________________

What did the Lord do? v. 13 ______________________________________________________

What did Ruth bare? v. 13 _______________________________________________________

What did the women say to Naomi? v. 14 ___________________________________________

Did what the women ask of the Lord? v. 14 __________________________________________

What would this child be to Naomi? v.15 ___________________________________________

What was Ruth better than? v. 15 __________________________________________________

What did Naomi do with the child? v.16 _____________________________________________

Who named the baby? v. 17 ______________________________________________________

Whose son was the baby considered? v. 17 _________________

God writes the last chapter of our lives. In Ruth 1 Naomi had lost her husband and sons and was bitter. What was her life like in Ruth 4? ______________________________________________

Who was Obed's son? v. 17 _________________________

Who was Obed's grandson? v.17 _______________________

Fill in the genealogy from v. 18-22. _____________  begat _______________, who begat ______, who begat ________________, who begat_______________________, who begat

_______________, who begat ________________________, who begat ________________, who begat _______________, who begat _____________________________.

Mt. 1:3-5 repeats this genealogy. Whose genealogy is this? Mt. 1:16 ___________________

The book of Ruth started with 3 funerals and ends with a wedding and the birth of a special son. Ps. 30:5 says ___________________ may endure for a night, but __________ comes in the morning.

The concept of a kinsman redeemer in Ruth is a picture of what Christ did for us. To redeem is to set free by paying a price. The characteristics of a kinsman redeemer are he had to be a near kinsman and had to be willing to pay the price.

Christ became flesh (John 1:14) and paid the price for our sin (I Pet. 1:18-19).

By Pastor Todd and Susie Cook
E-mail: Todd R. Cook

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