Ruth 1

What is the time period of the book of Ruth? (v.1) ____________________________________

During this time what did people do? (Judges 21:25) __________________________________

Where did the family come from? (v.1) _____________________________________________

In what country did the family go to dwell? (v. 1) ________________ Why?________________

The man’s name was (v.2) __________________________ which means “My God is King”.

The wife’s name was (.2) __________________________ which means “lovely or pleasant”.

The sons names were (2) ________________ “puny” and _____________________ “pining”.

What happened to Elimelech? (v. 3) ______________________________________________

What did the sons do then? (v. 4) ________________________________________________

How long did the family stay in Moab? (v. 4) _______________________________________

What happened to the two sons? (v. 5) ____________________________________________

What did Naomi decide to do? (v. 6) ______________________________________________

Why did Naomi decide to return to Judah? (v. 6) _____________________________________

Who visited the people and gave them bread? (v. 6) __________________________________

Who went with Naomi? (v. 7) ____________________________________________________

Why did Naomi tell Ruth and Orpah to turn back? (vv. 8 -9) ____________________________

What kind of relationship did Naomi have with her daughter-in-laws? (vv. 8-10) ___________


Did Ruth and Orpah want to go back home?   (v. 10) __________________________________

Deut. 25:5-10 explains what to do if a man died without children. Did Naomi think this would

work in her situation? (vv. 11-13) ___________

Who did Naomi blame for her hard times? (v. 13) ___________________________________

What was the response of the daughter-in-laws? (v. 14) ______________________________

What did Naomi tell Ruth to do? (v. 15)  ___________________________________________

Where did Ruth say she would go and lodge? (v.16) __________________________________

Who would be Ruth’s people? (v. 16) ______________________________________________

Who would be Ruth’s God? (v. 16) ________________________________________________

Where would Ruth die and be buried? (v. 17) _______________________________________

What was the only thing that Ruth would let part her from Naomi? (17)_________________

How did Naomi respond to Ruth’s pledge? (v. 18) ____________________________________

Where do Ruth and Naomi go? (v. 19) _____________________________________________

How did the city respond to their arrival? (v. 19) ____________________________________

What did Naomi want to be called? (v. 20) _________________________________________

Why Naomi ask to be called Mara? (v. 20) _________________________________________

How did Naomi go out? (v. 21) ___________________________________________________

How did Naomi return? (v. 21) ___________________________________________________

Who did Naomi blame? (v. 21) ___________________________________________________

What time of year did Ruth and Naomi return to Bethlehem? (v. 22) ____________________

Is God to blame when bad things happen to us? _______________

Trials can make us bitter or better. What is God’s purpose in trials?

Ps. 119:71 __________________________________________________________________

James 1:2-4 _________________________________________________________________

I Pet. 1:6-7 ___________________________________________________________________

In the previous verses what was the attitude of the writers toward trials? _______________

How did Job respond to trials? Job 1:21 ____________________________________________

What does God do with the trials that come to those who love Him? Rom. 8:28 __________






By Pastor Todd and Susie Cook
E-mail: Todd R. Cook

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