Romans 9

In Whom is Paul telling the truth (Rom. 9:1)? _______________________________________

What is also bearing witness (v.1)? _______________________________________________

What does Paul have in his heart (v.2)? ____________________________________________

What could Paul wish for himself (v.3)? ___________________________________________

Why could Paul wish that he were accursed (v.3)? ____________________________________

What pertains to the Israelites (v. 4)? ______________________________________________


From whom did Christ come (vv.4-5)? ____________________________________________

What is Christ over (v.5)? _______________________________________________________

Who is Christ called (v.5)? ______________________________________________________

Is the problem that the word of God has taken no effect (v.6)? ___________________________

Who is not all Israel (v.6)? _______________________________________________________

What does not make them all children (v.7)? _________________________________________

In whose seed shall they be called (v.7)? ____________________________________________

Note: See Gen. 21:12.

Who are not the children of God (v.8)? _____________________________________________

Who are counted for the seed (v.8)? ________________________________________________

What is the word of promise (v.9)? ________________________________________________

Note: See Gen. 18:10, 14.

Who did Rebecca conceive by (v.10)? ______________________________________________

When God elected Jacob in Rebecca's womb, had either child done good or evil (v.11)? ______

By whose purpose does election stand (v.11)? ________________________________________

What was said to Rebecca (v.12)? _________________________________________________

Note: See Gen. 25:23.

What is written (v.13)? _________________________________________________________

Note: See Mal. 1:2, 3.

Is there unrighteousness with God (v.14)? __________________________________________

Who will God have mercy on (v.15)? _____________________________________________

Who will God have compassion on (v.15)? _________________________________________

Note: See Ex. 33:19.

Who is election not of (v.16)? ____________________________________________________

Who is election of (v.16)? _______________________________________________________

What purpose did God raise Pharaoh (v.17)? ________________________________________


Note: See Ex. 9:16.

Who does God have mercy on (v.18)? _____________________________________________

Who does God harden (v.18)? ___________________________________________________

What will you say unto me then (v.19)? ____________________________________________

Are we anything that we can reply against God (v.20)? ________________________________

Can we ask God, "Why have you made me like this (v.20)? ____________________________

Who has power over the clay (v.21)? ______________________________________________

From the same lump of clay, what does the potter make the vessels for (v.21)? _____________


What is God willing or wanting to make known (v.22)? ________________________________

What are vessels of wrath prepared or fitted for (v.22)? ________________________________

What might God make known on the vessels of mercy (v.23)? __________________________

Who did God prepare beforehand unto glory (v.23)? __________________________________

Of what two groups did call (v.24)? _______________________________________________

Who will God call my people (v.25)? ______________________________________________

Who will God call beloved (v.25)? ________________________________________________

Note: See Hosea 2:23.

What shall the ones who were told "Ye are not my people" be called (v.26)? _______________


Note: See Hosea 1:10.

How many do the children of Israel number (v.27)? __________________________________

How many will be saved (v.27)? _________________________________________________

What will God finish (v.28)? ____________________________________________________

Where will the Lord make a short work (v.28)? ______________________________________

Note: See Is. 10:22-23.

If the Lord had not left us a seed, what would we be like (v.29)? _________________________

Note: See Is. 1:9.

What did the Gentiles not pursue (v.30)? ___________________________________________

What did the Gentiles attain to (v.30)? _____________________________________________

What did Israel follow after or pursue (v.31)? ________________________________________

What did Israel not attain to (v.31)? _______________________________________________

Why did Israel not attain to the law of righteousness (v.32)? ____________________________

What did Israel stumble at (v.32)? _________________________________________________

What is laid in Zion (v.33)? _______________________________________________________

What happens to whoever believes in the stumbling stone, Jesus Christ (v.33)? ______________

Note: See Is. 8:14; 28:16.

By Pastor Todd R. Cook

E-mail: Todd R. Cook

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