Romans 3

Of whom does Paul ask if they have an advantage (Rom. 1:1)? __________________________

Paul asked if the circumcision had what (v.1)? _______________________________________

Do the Jews have an advantage (vv.1-2)? ___________________________________________

Why did the Jews have an advantage and profit (v.2)? _________________________________

Will the unbelief of the Jews make the faith or faithfulness of God without effect (vv.3-4)? ____

Who is to be true (v.4)? _________________________________________________________

Who is the liar (v.4)? ___________________________________________________________

What might God to be justified in (v.4)? ____________________________________________

What happen when God is judged (v.4)? ____________________________________________

Note: See Psalm 51:4.

What does our unrighteousness demonstrate or commend of God (v.5)? ___________________

Is God unrighteous who takes vengeance (vv.5-6)? ____________________________________

Will God judge the world (v.6)? ___________________________________________________

What is the answer to the question posed in verse seven? _______________________________

What are some reporting and affirming that Paul is saying (v.8)? _________________________


What is just (v.8)? _____________________________________________________________

Are we better than they (v.9)? ____________________________________________________

Who is under sin (v.9)? _________________________________________________________

How many are righteous (v.10)? __________________________________________________

How many understand (v.11)? ____________________________________________________

How man seek after God (v.11)? __________________________________________________

How many have gone out of the way or turned aside (v.12)? ____________________________

What have they become (v.12)? __________________________________________________

How many do good (v.12)? ______________________________________________________

What is their throat (v.13)? ______________________________________________________

What did they do with their tongues (v.13)? _________________________________________

What is under their lips (v.13)? ___________________________________________________

What is their mouth full of (v.14)? ________________________________________________

What are their feet swift to shed (v.15)? ____________________________________________

What is in their ways (v.16)? _____________________________________________________

What have they not known (v.17)? ________________________________________________

What is not before their eyes (v.18)? _______________________________________________

Who does the the law speak to (v.19)? _____________________________________________

What does the world become before God (v.19)? _____________________________________

Who will be justified by the deeds of the law (v.20)? __________________________________

By the law is the knowledge of what (v.20)? _________________________________________

What is revealed or manifested (v.21)? _____________________________________________

Who witnesses the righteousness of God apart from the law (v.21)? ______________________

What does the righteousness of God come by or through (v.22)? _________________________

Who does the righteousness of God come upon or to (v.22)? ____________________________

How many have sinned (v.23)? ___________________________________________________

What do all come short of (v.23)? _________________________________________________

What are we justified by (v.24)? __________________________________________________

What are we justified though (v.24)? _______________________________________________

Who did God set forth to be a propitiation (vv.24-25)? ________________________________

Note: Propitiation means the act of appeasing wrath.

How is the propitiation applied to us (v.25)? ________________________________________

What did God do for the sins that are past(v.25)? _____________________________________

What is God declaring or demonstrating (v.26)? ______________________________________

What does He do for the one who believes in Jesus (v.26)? _____________________________

Where is boasting then (v.27)? ___________________________________________________

By what law is boasting excluded (v.27)? ___________________________________________

What is man justified by (v.28)? __________________________________________________

What is man justified without or apart from (v.28)? ___________________________________

Who is God God of (v.29)? ______________________________________________________

Who shall God justify (v.30)? ____________________________________________________

By what shall God justify (v.30)? _________________________________________________

Do we make void the law through faith (v.31)? _______________________________________

What do we do to the law through faith (v.31)? _______________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook

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