Romans 15


What ought the strong to bear (Rom. 15:1)? _________________________________________


What are the strong ought not to do (v.1)? __________________________________________


Who ought we to please (v.2)? ___________________________________________________


What should the end result of pleasing our neighbor be (v.2)? ___________________________


Who did Christ not please (v.3)? __________________________________________________


What fell on Christ (v.3)? _______________________________________________________

Note: See Ps. 69:9.


What were the things written aforetime for (v.4)? _____________________________________


What might we have through the patience and comfort of the Scriptures (v.4)? ______________


What is God the God of (v.5)? ____________________________________________________


What may God grant you to be (v.5)? ______________________________________________


With what may you glorify God (v.6)? _____________________________________________


Who are you to receive (v.7)? ____________________________________________________


Who did Christ receive (v.7)? ____________________________________________________


To whose glory did Christ receive us (v.7)? _________________________________________


To whom has Christ become a minister or servant (v.8)? _______________________________


What is the purpose of Christ becoming a minister or servant to the circumcision (v.8)? ______




What might the Gentiles do (v.9)? _________________________________________________


What is he singing to (v.9)? ______________________________________________________

Note: See 2 Sam. 22:50; Ps. 18:49.


Who is commanded to rejoice (v.10)? ______________________________________________

Note: See Deut. 32:43.


Who is to praise the Lord (v.11)? _________________________________________________


Who is to laud Him (v.11)? ______________________________________________________

Note: See Ps. 117:1.


Who shall there be a root of (v.12)? _______________________________________________


Who shall the root of Jesse rise to reign over (v.12)? _________________________________


In Whom shall the Gentiles hope (v.12)? ___________________________________________

Note: See Is. 11:10.


What may the God of hope fill you with (v.13)? ______________________________________




In what may you have all joy and peace (v.13)? ______________________________________


Through what power may you abound in hope (v.13)? _________________________________


What are the brethren full of (v.14)? _______________________________________________


Who are the brethren able to admonish (v.14)? _______________________________________


What has Paul done more boldly (v.15)? ____________________________________________


Why has Paul written more boldly and reminded them (v.15)? ___________________________




Paul was a minister of Jesus Christ to whom (v.16)? ___________________________________


What was Paul ministering (v.16)? _________________________________________________


What did Paul want the offering of the Gentiles to be like (v.16)? _________________________


Who was the offering of the Gentiles sanctified by (v.16)? _____________________________


Who does Paul glory in or through (v.17)? __________________________________________


In what things does Paul glory (v.17)? ______________________________________________


What will Paul not dare to speak of (v.18)? __________________________________________


Whose power was Paul preaching in (v.19)? ________________________________________


Where had Paul fully preached the gospel of Christ (v.19)? _____________________________


Where did Paul not want to preach the gospel (v.20)? __________________________________


What did Paul not want to build on (v.20)? ___________________________________________


Who shall see (v.21)? ____________________________________________________________


Who shall understand (v.21)? ____________________________________________________

Note: See Is. 52:15.


What has Paul been hindered from doing (v.22)? _____________________________________


Where did Paul no longer have a place (v.23)? _______________________________________


What did Paul have a great desire to do (v.23)? _______________________________________


Where did Paul want to journey (v.24)? _____________________________________________


What was Paul trusting or hoping for (v.24)? _________________________________________


Where was Paul presently going (v.25)? _____________________________________________


Why was Paul going to Jerusalem (v.25)? ___________________________________________


Who were the churches in Macedonia and Achaia making a contribution for (v.26)? _________




What have the Gentiles been partakers of (v.27)? _____________________________________


What is it the duty of the Gentiles to do (v.27)? ______________________________________




What did Paul want to seal to the saints in Jerusalem (v.28)? ____________________________


When Paul comes to the church in Rome, what shall he come in (v.29)? ___________________




What did Paul beseech them to strive together with him in (v.30)? _______________________


Who did Paul want to be delivered from (v.31)? ______________________________________


Paul begged for prayer that his service for Jerusalem may be acceptable to whom (v.31)? ______


What did Paul want to come to them with (v.32)? _____________________________________


By Whose will did Paul want to come to them (v.32)? __________________________________


Who did Paul want to be with them (v.33)? __________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook

E-mail: Todd R. Cook

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