Romans 1

What does Paul call himself (Rom.1:1)? ____________________________________________

What is Paul called to be (v.1)? ___________________________________________________

What was Paul separated unto (v.1)? _______________________________________________

What was promised afore by His prophets (vv.1-2)? ___________________________________

Where was the promise found (v.2)? _______________________________________________

What did the promise concern (v.3)? _______________________________________________

What was Jesus Christ born of (v.3)? ______________________________________________

What was Jesus Christ declared to be (v.4)? _________________________________________

With what was He declared to be the Son of God (v.4)? ________________________________

What was the power according to (v.4)? ____________________________________________

By what was He declared the Son of God (v.4)? ______________________________________

What have Paul and others received through Christ (v.5)? ______________________________

For what did they receive grace and apostleship (v.5)? _________________________________

Who was this obedience to be displayed among (v.5)? _________________________________

Who are you also called of (v.6)? __________________________________________________

Who is this letter written to (v.7)? _________________________________________________

What are the Romans called to be (v.7)? ____________________________________________

In the greeting, who is the grace and peace from (v.7)? ________________________________

Who does Paul thank (v.8)? ______________________________________________________

Who is Paul thankful for (v.8)? ___________________________________________________

What is the reason Paul is thankful (v.8)? ___________________________________________


How does Paul serve God (v.9)? __________________________________________________

How often did Paul mention them in his prayers (v.9)? _________________________________

What is Paul praying for (v.10)? __________________________________________________

In whose will is Paul praying (v.10)? _______________________________________________

Why does Paul want to see the Roman believers (v.11)? ________________________________

Why does Paul want to impart some spiritual gift (v.11)? ________________________________

What effect does their mutual faith have (v.12)? _______________________________________

What had Paul often planned or purposed to do (v.13)? ________________________________

Why did Paul purpose to come to them (v.13)? _______________________________________

Who is Paul a debtor to (v.14)? ____________________________________________________

Who is Paul ready to preach the gospel to (v.15)? ______________________________________

What is Paul not ashamed of (v.16)? _______________________________________________

What is the gospel the power of God to (v.16)? ______________________________________

To whom does the gospel give salvation (v.16)? ______________________________________

What is revealed in the gospel (v.17)? ______________________________________________

What is written in the Old Testament (v.17)? ________________________________________

Note: See Hab. 2:4.

What is revealed from heaven (v.18)? ______________________________________________

What is the wrath of God revealed against (v.18)? _____________________________________

What do these men suppress or hold the truth in (v.18)? ________________________________

What is manifest in them (v.19)? __________________________________________________

Who has shown them the knowledge of God (v.19)? __________________________________

What has been clearly seen from the creation of the world (v.20)? ________________________

By what do we understand the invisible attributes of God (v.20)? ________________________

What attributes are clearly seen by the things that are made (v.20)? ______________________

Seeing the attributes of God, what are they without (v.20)? _____________________________

Although they knew, God what two things did they not do (v.21)? _______________________


What happened to their thoughts or imaginations (v.21)? ______________________________

What happened to their foolish hearts (v.21)? _______________________________________

What did they become when they profess themselves to be wise (v.22)? ___________________

What did they change the glory of the incorruptible God into (v.23)? ______________________


To what did God give them up (v.24)? _____________________________________________

What do they dishonor (v.24)? ____________________________________________________

What did they change the truth of God into (v.25)? ____________________________________

What did they worship and serve more than the Creator (v.25)? __________________________

Who is blessed forever (v.25)? ___________________________________________________

What did God give them up to (v.26)? _____________________________________________

Their women changed the natural use for what (v.26)? _________________________________

What did the men leave (v.27)? ___________________________________________________

Who did the men burn in their lust for (v.27)? _______________________________________

What did men commit with men (v.27)? ____________________________________________

What did these men receive in themselves (v.27)? ____________________________________

What did they not like to retain (v.28)? _____________________________________________

What were they given over to (v.28)? ______________________________________________

Who gives them over to a debased mind (v.28)? ______________________________________

What things did they do (v.28)? ___________________________________________________

How many of these evil characteristics have you seen in our society (v.29)? ________________

How many of these characteristics have you personally witnessed (v.30)? __________________

How many of these characteristics have you witnessed (v.31)? ___________________________

What do these evil doers know (v.32)? _____________________________________________

What do those who commit such things deserve (v.32)? ________________________________

What do those who do the same things approve of or have pleasure in (v.32)? _______________


By Pastor Todd R. Cook

E-mail: Todd R. Cook

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