Psalm 7


Who does David put his trust in (Ps. 7:1)? __________________________________________


Who does David want to be saved from (v.1)? _______________________________________


What did David fear would happen to him (v.2)? _____________________________________


What was hypothetically in David's hands (v.3)? _____________________________________


What did David hypothetically do to those at peace with him (v.4)? ______________________


What did David hypothetically do to his enemy (v.4)? _________________________________


If David did the things in verses 3 and 4, what does he say should happen to him (v.5)? _______




In what should the Lord arise (v.6)? ________________________________________________


Why should the Lord lift Himself up (v.6)? __________________________________________


What has the Lord commanded (v.6)? _______________________________________________


What shall the congregation of the Lord do (v.7)? _____________________________________


For whose sake is the Lord to return on high (v.7)? ____________________________________


What shall the Lord do to the peoples (v.8)? _________________________________________


What does David want his judgment to be based on (v.8)? ______________________________


What does David want to come to an end (v.9)? ______________________________________


What does David want established (v.9)? ____________________________________________


What does God test or tries (v.9)? __________________________________________________


What is David's defense of (v.10)? _________________________________________________


Who does God save (v.10)? _______________________________________________________


Who is God angry with (v.11)? ____________________________________________________


What will God do with His sword (v.12)? ____________________________________________


What does God make ready (v.12)? ________________________________________________


What does God prepare (v.13)? ___________________________________________________


What has he, the wicked, conceived (v.14)? _________________________________________


What has the wicked brought forth (v.14)? __________________________________________


What did the wicked fall into (v.15)? ______________________________________________


What will return on his own head (v.16)? ___________________________________________


What will come down upon his own crown or pate (v.16)? _____________________________


According to what did David praise the Lord (v.17)? __________________________________


Who will David sing praise to (v.17)? ______________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook
E-mail: Todd R. Cook

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