Psalm 33


What are the righteous told to do (Ps. 33:1)? _________________________________________


Praise from the upright is __________________________ . (v.1)


What are we to praise the Lord with (v.2)? __________________________________________


What are we to make to the Lord with an instrument of ten strings (v.2)? __________________


What are you to sing to the Lord (v.3)? _____________________________________________


Play skillfully with what (v.3)? ___________________________________________________


The word of the Lord is what (v.4)? _______________________________________________


All His works is done in what (v.4)? _______________________________________________


What does the Lord love (v.5)? ___________________________________________________


What is the earth full of (v.5)? ____________________________________________________


By what were the heavens made (v.6)? _____________________________________________


What were all the host of heaven made by (v.6)? _____________________________________


What does the Lord gather together as a heap (v.7)? ___________________________________


What does He lay up in storehouses (v.7)? __________________________________________


What is to fear the Lord (v.8)?____________________________________________________


What is to stand in awe of the Lord (v.8)? ___________________________________________


What happened when the Lord spoke (v.9)? _________________________________________


What happened when the Lord commanded (v.9)? ____________________________________


The Lord brings the counsel of the nations or heathen to what (v.10)? _____________________


What does the Lord do to the plans or devices of the peoples (v.10)? ______________________


How long does the counsel of the Lord last (v.11)? ___________________________________


What goes to all generations (v.11)? _______________________________________________


What is the nation whose God is the Lord called (v.12)? _______________________________


What has the Lord chosen the people to be (v.12)? ____________________________________


Where does the Lord look down from (v.13)? ________________________________________


What does the Lord see or behold (v.13)? ___________________________________________


Where does the Lord look from (v.14)? _____________________________________________


What does the Lord look on (v.14)? _______________________________________________


What does the Lord fashion (v.15)? ________________________________________________


What does the Lord consider (v.15)? _______________________________________________


What does not save a king (v.16)? _________________________________________________


What is a mighty man not delivered by (v.16)? _______________________________________


A horse is a vain hope for what (v.17)? _____________________________________________


What will a horse not deliver by (v.17)? ____________________________________________


Who is the eye of the Lord on (v.18)? ______________________________________________




What is the Lord to deliver from (v.19)? ____________________________________________


The Lord will keep them alive in what (v.19)? _______________________________________


Our soul waits for whom (v.20)? __________________________________________________


The Lord is our what (v.20)? _____________________________________________________


Who shall our heart rejoice in (v.21)? ______________________________________________


What have we trusted in (v.21)? __________________________________________________


Let the Lord's mercy be where (v.22)? _____________________________________________


Who do we hope in (v.22)? ______________________________________________________