Psalm 31


Who wrote the psalm (prescript)? _________________________________________________


Who is the psalm to (prescript)? __________________________________________________


In Whom did David put his trust (31:1)? ____________________________________________


What did David tell the Lord to never let happen (v.1)? ________________________________


David told the Lord to deliver him in what (v.1)? _____________________________________


What did David want the Lord to bow down to him (v.2)? ______________________________


What two things did David want the Lord to be for him (v. 2)? __________________________




What does David call the Lord (v.3)? ______________________________________________


For whose name sake does David want God's leading and guiding (v.3)? __________________


What did David want to be pulled out of (v.4)? ______________________________________


What is the Lord to David (v.4)? __________________________________________________


What is David committing into the hand of the Lord (v.5)? _____________________________


What has the Lord done for David (v.5)?  ___________________________________________


How is God described (v.5)? _____________________________________________________


Who did David hate (v.6)? _______________________________________________________


Who did David trust in (v.6)? ____________________________________________________


What will David be glad and rejoice in (v.7)? ________________________________________


What has the Lord considered (v.7)? _______________________________________________


What has the Lord known (v.7)? __________________________________________________


What has the Lord not done (v.8)? ________________________________________________


Where has the Lord set David's feet (v.8)? __________________________________________


Why did David tell God to have mercy on him (v.9)? __________________________________


What is wasting away in grief (v.9)? _______________________________________________


What is David's life spent with (v.10)? _____________________________________________


Why does his strength fail (v.10)? _________________________________________________


What is happening to his bones (v.10)? _____________________________________________


To whom is David a reproach (v.11)? ______________________________________________


What is David to his acquaintances (v.11)? __________________________________________


He is forgotten like what (v.12)? __________________________________________________


To what does David compare himself (v.12)? ________________________________________


What does David hear (v.13)? ____________________________________________________


Who are they taking counsel against (v.13)? _________________________________________


What are they devising or scheming to do to David's life (v.13)? _________________________


Who does David trust (v.14)? _____________________________________________________


What does David call the Lord (v.14)? _____________________________________________


What is in the Lord's hand (v.15)? _________________________________________________


Who did David want deliverance from (v.15)? _______________________________________


What did David want to shine on him (v.16)? ________________________________________


David wanted to be saved for what (v.16)? __________________________________________


Who is David requesting to not be ashamed (v.17)? ___________________________________


Who is David requesting to be ashamed (v.17)? ______________________________________


Where should the wicked be silent (v.17)? __________________________________________


What should be put to silence (v.18)? ______________________________________________


What speaks contemptuously against the righteous (v.18)? _____________________________


What has been laid up for those who fear the Lord (v.19)? ______________________________


What has been prepared or wrought for those who trust the Lord (v.19)? ___________________


Where will the Lord hide them (v.20)? _____________________________________________


The Lord will keep them secretly in a pavilion from what (v.20)? _________________________


Who is blessed (v.21)? __________________________________________________________


What has the Lord shown me (v.21)? _______________________________________________


What did David say in his haste (v.22)? ____________________________________________




What did the Lord hear (v.22)? ___________________________________________________


Who is the saint to love (v.23)? ____________________________________________________


Who does the Lord preserve (v.23)? _______________________________________________


What does the Lord do with the proud person or the proud doer (v.23)? ___________________


What will the Lord do with your heart (v.24)? _______________________________________


Where should your hope be (v.24)? ________________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook

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