Psalm 3

Who wrote the psalm? __________________________________________________________

What is the situation behind this psalm? ____________________________________________

Who increased (v.1)? ___________________________________________________________

Were there few people who rose up against David (v.1)? _______________________________

What were they saying of David (v.2)? _____________________________________________

What is the Lord for David (v.3)? _________________________________________________

What does the Lord do for David (v.3)? ____________________________________________

Who did David cry to (v.4)? _____________________________________________________

Where did the Lord hear David from (v.4)? _________________________________________

What did David lay down and do (v.5)? ____________________________________________

Who sustained him (v.5)? _______________________________________________________

What was David not afraid of (v.6)? _______________________________________________

What were the ten thousand doing (v.6)? ___________________________________________

What did David want the Lord to do for him (v.7)? ___________________________________

What has the Lord done to David's enemies cheekbone (v.7)? ___________________________

Whose teeth has the Lord broken (v.7)? ____________________________________________

What belongs to the Lord (v.8)? __________________________________________________

Who is the Lord's blessings upon (v.8)? ____________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook
E-mail: Todd R. Cook

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