Psalm 21

What shall the king have joy in (Ps. 21:1)? _____________________________________

What shall the king greatly rejoice in (v.1)? ____________________________________

What has the Lord given the king (v.2)? ________________________________________

What has the Lord not withheld from the king (v.2)? ____________________________

What type of blessings did the Lord meet the king with (v.3)? ____________________

What was set on his head (v.3)? _______________________________________________

What was given to him when he asked for life (v.4)? _____________________________


In or through what is his glory great (v.5)? _____________________________________

What has the Lord laid upon the king (v.5)? ____________________________________

What two things has the Lord made the king (v.6)? _____________________________


What does the king trust in (v.7)? ______________________________________________

Through what will the king not be moved (v.7)? _________________________________

What will find out all the Lord's enemies and those who hate the Lord (v.8)? ______


When shall the Lord make them as a fiery oven (v.9)? ___________________________

In what will the Lord swallow them up (v.9)? ___________________________________

What shall devour them (v.9)? ________________________________________________

What shall the Lord destroy from the earth (v.10)? ______________________________

What shall the Lord destroy from the children of men (v.10)? ____________________

What did they intend against the Lord (v.11)? __________________________________

What were they not able to perform (v.11)? ____________________________________

What will the Lord make the enemies do (v.12)? ________________________________

What will the Lord make ready on His strings against them (v.12)? ______________

What is the Lord to be exalted in (v.13)? _______________________________________

What will we sing and praise (v.13)? __________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook
E-mail: Todd R. Cook

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