Psalm 20

When may the Lord hear you (Ps. 20:1)? _______________________________________

What may the name of the God of Jacob do for you (v.1)? ________________________

What will God send from the sanctuary (v.2)? __________________________________

What will God do for you out of Zion (v.2)? _____________________________________

What is God to remember (v.3)? _______________________________________________

What is God to accept (v.3)? __________________________________________________

May God grant you what (v.4)? _______________________________________________

May God fulfill what (v.4)? ___________________________________________________

We will rejoice in what (v.5)? _________________________________________________

In whose name will we set up our banners (v.5)? _______________________________

The Lord fulfill what (v.5)? ___________________________________________________

What does he know (v.6)? ____________________________________________________

From where will God hear or answer him (v.6)? ________________________________

God will hear with the saving strength of what (v.6)? ___________________________

What do some trust in (v.7)? __________________________________________________

What will we remember (v.7)? _________________________________________________

What happens to those who trust in chariots and horses (vv.7-8)? ________________


What happens to those who remember the name of the Lord (vv.7-8)? ____________


What does he tell the Lord to do (v.9)? _________________________________________

Who is to hear us when we call (v.9)? __________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook
E-mail: Todd R. Cook

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