Psalm 2

Who rages (v.1)? ______________________________________________________________

What do the people plot or imagine (v.1)? __________________________________________

Who are the kings of the earth and the rulers against (v.2)? _____________________________


What are the kings and rulers saying against the Lord (vv.2-3)? __________________________

Who shall laugh (v.4)? __________________________________________________________

Who will hold the kings in derision (v.4)? __________________________________________

The Lord will speak to the ruler is His what (v.5)? ____________________________________

The Lord will vex or distress the ruler in His what (v.5)? _______________________________

What has the Lord set on His holy hill of Zion (v.6)? __________________________________

What will the Lord declare (v.7)? __________________________________________________

Who is the Lord speaking to (v.7)? ________________________________________________

What did Lord say to Me (v.7)? ___________________________________________________

Note: See Heb. 1:5.

What will the Lord give His Son (v.8)? _____________________________________________


What shall the Son break them with (v.9)? ___________________________________________

Like what shall the Son dash them to pieces (v.9)? ____________________________________

Who are told to be wise (v.10)? ___________________________________________________

Who is told to be instructed (v.10)? ________________________________________________

What are the kings and judges told to serve the Lord with (v.11)? ________________________

What are they to rejoice with (v.11)? _______________________________________________

Who are the kings to kiss (v.12)? __________________________________________________

What happens if they don't kiss the Son (v.12)? ______________________________________

Who are blessed (v.12)? _________________________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook
E-mail: Todd R. Cook

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