Psalm 10

Who is the psalmist talking to (ps.10:1)? ___________________________________________

Who seems to be hiding in times of trouble (v.1)? ____________________________________

Who do the wicked persecute (v.2)? _______________________________________________

What does the psalmist say the wicked should be taken in (v.2)? _________________________


What does the wicked boast of (v.3)? _______________________________________________

Who do the wicked bless (v.3)? ___________________________________________________

Who does the wicked not seek (v.4)? ______________________________________________

Who is not in the wicked's thoughts (v.4)? __________________________________________

How are the wicked's ways described (v.5)?  _________________________________________

Where are God's judgments in relation to the wicked (v.5)? _____________________________

What does the wicked do to their enemies (v.5)? ______________________________________

What does the wicked say in his heart (v.6)? _________________________________________

What is in the mouth of the wicked (v.7)? ___________________________________________

What is under the tongue of the wicked (v.7)? _______________________________________

Where do the wicked sit (v.8)? ___________________________________________________

Who does the wicked murder (v.8)? _______________________________________________

Who are the wicked's eyes against (v.8)? ___________________________________________

Who does the wicked lie in wait to catch (v.9)? ______________________________________

What does the wicked draw the poor into (v.9)? ______________________________________

What does the helpless fall by (v.10)? ______________________________________________

What has the wicked said in his heart (v.11)? ________________________________________

Who does the wicked believe will not see his wickedness (v.11)? ________________________

Who does the psalmist want God not to forget (v.12)? _________________________________

What does the wicked say in his heart (v.13)? ________________________________________


What does God behold or observe (v.14)? ___________________________________________

Who commits himself to God (v.14)? _______________________________________________

Who is God the helper of (v.14)? ___________________________________________________

Whose arm does the psalmist tell God to break (v.15)? _________________________________

Until when is God to seek out his wickedness (v.15)? __________________________________

How long is the Lord king (v.16)? __________________________________________________

Who are perished out of His land (v.16)? ___________________________________________

Who heard the desire of the humble (v.17)? __________________________________________

Who will the Lord judge or do justice for (v.18)? _____________________________________

The man of the earth may no more do what (v.18)? ___________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook
E-mail: Todd R. Cook

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