Who is Paulís joy and crown (Phil. 4:1)? _____________________________________
In whom are we to stand fast (v.1)? __________________________________________
What is Paul imploring Euodia and Synthyche to be (v.2)? ________________________
What is the true companion supposed to do (v.3)? _______________________________
Whose names are in the Book of Life (v.3)? ____________________________________
In whom are we to rejoice (v.4)? _____________________________________________
When are we to rejoice in the Lord (v.4)? ______________________________________
What are we to let all men know (v.5)? ________________________________________
Who is at hand (v.5)? ______________________________________________________
For what are we to be anxious (v.6)? __________________________________________
What in Phil. 4:5 helps us not to be anxious? ___________________________________
What are we to do instead of being anxious (v.6)? _______________________________
What surpasses all understanding (v.7)? _______________________________________
What will the peace of God do (v.7)? _________________________________________
On what types of things are we to mediate (v.8)? _______________________________
Do your books, television shows, music and conversations match the description given in
Phil. 4:8? ______________
What did Paul tell the Philippians to do (v.9)? _________________________________
What did Paul say would be with you (v.9)? ___________________________________
Why did Paul rejoice in the Lord greatly (v.10)? ________________________________
What did the Philippians lack an opportunity to do? Phil. 4:10 _____________________
What has Paul learned in Phil. 4:11? _________________________________________
What did Paul know (v.12)? ________________________________________________
What did Paul learn (v.12)? ________________________________________________
Who strengthens me (v.13)? _______________________
What can we do with Christís strength (v.13)? __________________________________
Does the all things in Phil. 4:13 include being content in Phil. 4:11? _________________
What does Paul commend the Philippian church for doing (v.14)? __________________
What did the Philippians share with Paul (vv.15,16)? _____________________________
What did Paul not seek (v.17)? ______________________________________________
What did Paul seek (v.17)? _________________________________________________
Who took the gift to Paul (v.18)______________________________________________
How did Paul describe the gift that was sent (v.18)? ______________________________
What shall God supply (v.19)? ______________________________________________
God shall supply all your needs according to what (v.19)? ________________________
What were the circumstances surrounding the promise in Phil. 4:19 (See vv.14-19)? ____
To whom be glory forever and ever (v.20)? ___________________________________
Who are they to greet (v.21)? ______________________________________________
Who greets the Philippians (vv.21,22)? ______________________________________
What is to be with the Philippians (v.23)? ______________________________________

by Pastor Todd R. Cook (

Bible Studies