James 5

Who is James addressing (James 5:1)? ____________________________________________

What are the rich to do (v.1)? ___________________________________________________

Why are the rich to weep and howl (v.1)? _________________________________________

What are the riches said to be (v.2)? ______________________________________________

What are moth-eaten (v.2)? _____________________________________________________

What happened to the gold and silver of the rich (v.3)? _______________________________

What will be a witness against you (v.3)? __________________________________________

What will eat your flesh like fire (v.3)? ____________________________________________

What were they heaping up (v.3)? ________________________________________________

What were the rich keeping back by fraud (v.4)? _____________________________________

What two things cry out to the Lord (v.4)? _________________________________________

How have the rich lived (v.5)? ___________________________________________________


What has the rich done to the just (v.6)? ___________________________________________

What does the just not do (v.6)? __________________________________________________

Until what event are we to be patient (v.7)? _________________________________________

What illustration does James use to illustrate patience (v.7)? ____________________________

Why should you be patient and have your hearts established (v.8)? _______________________

Why should you not grudge or grumble against one another (v.9)? _______________________

Who is standing at the door (v.9)? ________________________________________________

Who are examples of suffering and patience (v.10)? ___________________________________

In whose name do the prophets speak (v.10)? ________________________________________

Those who endure are counted as ___________________ (v.11).

What quality did Job have (v.11)? ________________________________________________

What happened to Job in the end (Job 42:10-17)? ___________________________________


How is the Lord described (James 5:11)? __________________________________________

What are we not to do according to verse twelve? ___________________________________

What are we to say instead of swearing (v.12)? _____________________________________

Why are you not to swear (v.12)? ________________________________________________

What are the afflicted to do (v.13)? _______________________________________________

What are the cheerful or merry to do (v.13)? ________________________________________

What are the sick to do (v.14)? __________________________________________________

What are the elders to do for the sick (v.14)? _______________________________________

What shall save the sick (v.15)? __________________________________________________

Who shall raise the sick (v.15)? __________________________________________________

What will happen if the sick has committed sins (v.15)? _______________________________

What are you to confess to one another (v.16)? _____________________________________

What are you to pray for (v.16)? _________________________________________________

Whose prayer avails much (v.16)? ________________________________________________

How was Elijah like us (v.17)? ___________________________________________________

What did Elijah pray for (v.17)? __________________________________________________

How long did it not rain (v.17)? __________________________________________________

What happened when Elijah prayed again (v.18)? ____________________________________

What should we do for the person who wanders from the truth (v.19)? ____________________

How do you save a soul from death (v.20)? ________________________________________

Who hides or covers a multitude of sins (v.20)? _____________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook (toddrcook@biblestudies4u.info)

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