James 3

What should many of you not become (James 3:1)? __________________________________

Why should not many become masters or teachers (v.1)? ______________________________

What do we stumble or offend in (v.2)? ____________________________________________

Who is a perfect man (v.2)? _____________________________________________________

If man can control his tongue, what else can he control (v.2)? ___________________________

Why do we put bits in horses' mouths (v.3)? _________________________________________

What do we turn with the bits that are in the horses' mouths (v.3)? _______________________

What were ships driven by (v.4)? _________________________________________________

How are ships turned (v.4)? ______________________________________________________

Where are the ships turned (v.4)? __________________________________________________

What are the bits and the rudders compared to (vv.3-5)? ________________________________

What do tongues do (v.5)? _______________________________________________________

What does a little fire kindle (v.5)? _________________________________________________

What two things are the tongue called (v.6)? __________________________________________

What does the tongue defile (v.6)? _________________________________________________

What does the tongue set on fire (v.6)? _____________________________________________

What sets the tongue on fire (v.6)? ________________________________________________

What has been tamed by mankind (v.7)? ____________________________________________

What can no man tame (v.8)? _____________________________________________________

What is the tongue in verse eight? _________________________________________________

What is the tongue full of (v.8)? ___________________________________________________

What two things can we do with our tongues (v.9)? ___________________________________

Whose similitude has man been made (v.9)? _________________________________________

What proceeds out of the same mouth (v.10)? _______________________________________

Should blessings and cursing be coming out of the same mouth (v.10)? ___________________

What is the answer to verse eleven's question (v.11-12)? _______________________________

What is the answer to verse twelve's question? _______________________________________

How does a person show that he has wisdom and knowledge (v.13)? _____________________

What things should those who have envy and strife in their heart not do (v.14)? _____________


Where does the wisdom of envy and strife not come from (v.15)? ________________________

What type of wisdom are verses 14 and 15 talking about? ______________________________

What does envy and strife bring (v.16)? _____________________________________________

What are the characteristics of wisdom from above (v.17)? ______________________________


What is sown in peace (v.18)? _____________________________________________________

Who sows the fruit of righteousness (v.18)? __________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook (toddrcook@biblestudies4u.info)

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