James 1

To whom was James a servant (James 1:1)? _________________________________________

Who did James write to (v.1)? ____________________________________________________

Where were the twelve tribes (v.1)? ________________________________________________

What attitude are we to have when we fall into trials (v.2)? _____________________________

What does testing of your faith produce (v.3)? _______________________________________

What are we to know when we face trials (vv.2-3)? ___________________________________

What will make you perfect and complete (v.4)? ______________________________________

How can we get wisdom (v.5)? ____________________________________________________

How does God give to all (v.5)? ___________________________________________________

How are we to ask (v.6)? ________________________________________________________

What is a man who doubts or wavers likened to (v.6)? __________________________________

How does a wave behave (v.6)? ____________________________________________________

Will a doubting man receive anything from the Lord (v.7)? ______________________________

How is a double minded man described (v.8)? ________________________________________

Who is the double minded man (vv.6-8)? ___________________________________________

What should the brother of low degree glory in (v.9)? __________________________________

What should the rich glory in (v.10)? _______________________________________________

What will happen to the rich (v.10)? ________________________________________________

What does the sun do to the grass and flowers (v.11)? _________________________________

What is the rich man compared to (v.11)? ___________________________________________

Who is blessed (v.12)? __________________________________________________________

What will the man who is tried receive (v.12)? _______________________________________

God promises the crown of life to whom (v.12)? _____________________________________

Does God tempt a person with evil (v.13)? _________________________________________

Can God be tempted with evil (v.13)? _____________________________________________

How is a man tempted (v.14)? ___________________________________________________

What does lust bring (v.15)? _____________________________________________________

What does sin bring (v.15)? ______________________________________________________

What is commanded in verse 16? __________________________________________________

What type of gifts come from above (v.17)? _________________________________________

What is God the Father of (v.17)? _________________________________________________

What is not with the Father of lights (v.17)? _________________________________________

What did God's will accomplish with the word of truth (v.18)? __________________________

What is the purpose of this conversion or new birth by the word (v.18)? ___________________


What three characteristics should be of every man (v.19)? ______________________________

What does the wrath of man not do (v.20)? __________________________________________

What should we lay aside (v.21)? __________________________________________________

What are we to receive (v.21)? ____________________________________________________

How are we to receive the word (v.21)? ____________________________________________

What is the word able to do (v.21)? ________________________________________________

What are we to do with the word (v.22)? ____________________________________________

How do we deceive our own selves (v.22)? __________________________________________

What is the word compared to in verse 23? __________________________________________

What is the man who does not do the word compared to (vv.23-24)? ______________________


What is the word of God called (v.25)? ____________________________________________

When we look into the perfect law of liberty what three things should we do (v.25)? _________


What happens to the person who does the work of the word (v.25)? ______________________

Whose religion is useless (v.26)? __________________________________________________

What is a pure and undefiled religion (v.27)? ________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook (toddrcook@biblestudies4u.info)

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