Hebrews 8


Who has such a High Priest (Heb.8:1)? ____________________________________________


Where is our High Priest seated (v.1)? _____________________________________________


Where is the throne (v.1)? ______________________________________________________


What is the High Priest a minister of (v.2)? _________________________________________


What is pitched or erected by the Lord and not man (v.2)? _____________________________


What is every high priest ordained or appointed to do (v.3)? ____________________________


What is it necessary that this High Priest have (v.3)? __________________________________


If Christ were on earth, why would He not be a priest (v.4)? ____________________________




What do the priests according to the law serve (v.5)? _________________________________


What pattern was Moses to make the tabernacle from (v.5)? ____________________________

Note: See Ex. 25:40.


What has Christ the High Priest obtained (v.6)? ______________________________________


What is Christ a mediator of (v.6)? ________________________________________________


What is the better covenant established on (v.6)? _____________________________________


Why was there a need for a second covenant (v.7)? ___________________________________


What did the Lord say He would make with the house of Israel and Judah (v.8)? ____________


What will the new covenant not be according to (v.9)? ________________________________




What did Israel and Judah not continue in (v.9)? _____________________________________


What did the Lord do to Israel and Judah because they did no continue in His covenant (v.9)? _




What will the Lord make with the house of Israel (v.10)? _______________________________


In that covenant, where will He put His laws (v.10)? ___________________________________


Whose God will He be (v.10)? ___________________________________________________


Whose people shall they be (v.10)? ________________________________________________


What will they not need to teach their neighbor (v.11)? ________________________________


Why will they not need to teach their neighbor about knowing the Lord (v.11)? _____________




What will the Lord be merciful to (v.12)? ___________________________________________


What will the Lord remember no more (v.12)? _______________________________________

Note: See Jer. 31:31-34.


When the Lord makes a new covenant what happens to the first covenant (v.13)? ___________


What is ready to vanish away (v.13)? ______________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook (toddrcook@biblestudies4u.info)


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