Hebrews 12

What are we compassed about or surrounded by (Heb. 12:1)? ___________________________

What two things are we to lay aside (v.1)? __________________________________________

What does the sin do to us (v.1)? _________________________________________________

What are we to run (v.1)? _______________________________________________________

With what are we to run this race (v.1)? ____________________________________________

Who are we to be looking unto (v.2)? ______________________________________________

What is Jesus to us (v.2)? ________________________________________________________

What did Jesus do for the joy that was set before Him (v.2)? ____________________________

Where has Jesus sat down (v.2)? __________________________________________________

Who are we to consider (v.3)? ____________________________________________________

What did Jesus endure (v.3)? _____________________________________________________

What two things will happen if you are not considering Jesus (v.3)? ______________________


In your striving against sin, to what point have you not yet resisted (v.4)? __________________

What is a son not to despise (v.5)? ________________________________________________

What are you not to do when God rebukes you (v.5)? __________________________________

What does the Lord do for whom He loves (v.6)? _____________________________________

What does the Lord do to every son He receives (v.6)? ________________________________

If you endure chastening, how does God deal with you (v.7)? ___________________________

Do fathers chasten there sons (v.7)? ________________________________________________

What are you if you are without chastisement (v.8)? ___________________________________

Who did we give to reverence or respect to (v.9)? _____________________________________

To whom should we much more be in subjection (v.9)? ________________________________

How did our earthly fathers chasten us (v.10)? _______________________________________

How does our heavenly Father chasten us (v.10)? _____________________________________

What does our heavenly Father want us to be partakers of (v.10)? ________________________

What is chastening like (v.11)? ___________________________________________________

What does chastening afterward yield (v.11)? ________________________________________

What is to be done to the hands and feeble knees (v.12)? _______________________________

What are you to make straight paths for (v.13)? _______________________________________

What is to be done for that which is lame (v.13)? ______________________________________

Who are you to pursue or follow peace and holiness with (v.14)? _________________________

What do we need to see the Lord (v.14)? ___________________________________________

You should be looking carefully or diligently lest what should happen (v.15)? ______________


What does bitterness bring or cause (v.15)? _________________________________________

What defiles you (v.15)? ________________________________________________________

You need to be looking carefully lest there be any what (v.16)? __________________________

Who is an example of a fornicator or profane person (v.16)? ____________________________

What did Esau do (v.16)? ________________________________________________________

What happened to Esau when he wanted to inherit a blessing (v.17)? ______________________

What did Esau find no place for (v.17)? _____________________________________________

What did he seek the blessing with (v.17)? __________________________________________

What have you not come to (v.18)? ________________________________________________

What happened to that mountain (v.18)? ____________________________________________

What two things did they hear (v.19)? ______________________________________________

What did those who heard beg or entreat not to happen (v.19)? __________________________


What could they not endure (v.20)? ________________________________________________

What was to happen to a beast that touched the mountain (v.20)? ________________________


What did Moses say about the sight (v.21)? __________________________________________


Note: See Ex. 19:10 - 20:21 and Deut. 9:15-19.

To where have you come (v.22)? __________________________________________________

What is the city of the living God also called (v.22)? ___________________________________

Who also will be in the heavenly Jerusalem (v.22)? ___________________________________

Who is registered or written in heaven (v.23)? ________________________________________

Who is the Judge of all (v.23)? ___________________________________________________

The spirits of just men were made what (v.23)? ______________________________________

Who is Jesus (v.24)? ___________________________________________________________

What speaks better things than that of Abel (v.24)? ___________________________________

Are verses 22 - 24 a list of those who are in the heavenly Jerusalem? _____________________

Who are you not to refuse (v.25)? _________________________________________________

Who did they not escape from (v.25)? ______________________________________________

Will we escape if we turn away from Him who speaks from heaven (v.25)? ________________

What did His voice shake (v.26)? _________________________________________________

What did He promise (v.26)? _____________________________________________________


Note: See Haggai 2:6.

What does "Yet once more" signify (v.27)? _________________________________________

What will remain (v.27)? _______________________________________________________

What are we receiving (v.28)? ___________________________________________________

What should we serve God acceptably with (v.28)? __________________________________

What is our God (v.29)? ________________________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook (toddrcook@biblestudies4u.info)


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