Genesis 4

Who was born to Adam and Eve (Gen. 4:1)? ________________________________________

What was said when Cain was born (v.1)? __________________________________________

Who was Eve's second son (v.2)? _________________________________________________

What was Abel's occupation (v.2)? ________________________________________________

What was Cain's occupation (v.2)? ________________________________________________

What did Cain offer to the Lord (v.3)? _____________________________________________

What did Abel offer to the Lord (v.4)? _____________________________________________

Whose offering did God respect (v.4)? _____________________________________________

Whose offering did God not respect (v.5)? __________________________________________

What was Cain's response when his offering was not accepted (v.5)? ______________________

Why was Abel's offering accepted according to Heb. 11:4? _____________________________

What did the Lord ask Cain (Gen. 4:6)? ____________________________________________

What did God want Cain to do (v. 7)? ______________________________________________

What lies at the door when Cain does not do well (v.7)? ________________________________

What should you rule over (v.7)? __________________________________________________

Where were Cain and Abel (v.8)? _________________________________________________

What did Cain do to Abel (v.8)? __________________________________________________

What did God ask Cain (v.9)? ____________________________________________________

How did Cain answer God (v.9)? _________________________________________________

What cried to God from the ground (v.10)? _________________________________________

What did God do to Cain (v.11)? _________________________________________________

What received Cain's brother's blood (v.11)? ________________________________________

What would happen when Cain tilled the ground (v.12)? _______________________________

What was Cain to become on the earth (v.12)? _______________________________________

What was Cain's response to the curse (v.13)? _______________________________________

What four things did Cain say would happen to him from the curse (v.14)? ________________


What did God say would happen to the person who killed Cain (v.15)? ___________________

What did God set on Cain (v.15)? ________________________________________________

What was the purpose of the mark (v.15)? __________________________________________

Where did Cain dwell (v.16)? ____________________________________________________

What was Cain's son named (v.17)? _______________________________________________

What did Cain build (v.17)? _____________________________________________________

What was the name of the city Cain built (v.17)? _____________________________________

How many generations are mentioned in verse 18? ___________________________________

How many wives did Lamech have (v.19)? _________________________________________

What was Jabal the father of (v.20)? ______________________________________________

What was Jubal the father of (v.21)? ______________________________________________

What was Tubal-Cain the instructor of (v.22)? ______________________________________

What did Lamech do in verse 23? ________________________________________________

What was Lamech's boast in verse 24? ____________________________________________

What was Adam's next son's name (v.25)? _________________________________________

What had God appointed for Eve (v.25)? ___________________________________________

What was Seth's son's name (v.26)? _______________________________________________

What happened at the time Enos was born (v26)? ____________________________________

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