Genesis 3

How is the serpent described (Gen. 3:1)? ____________________________________________

Who did the serpent talk to (v.1)? _________________________________________________

Who is the serpent according to Revelation 12:9? _____________________________________

How does what the woman said in Gen. 3:2,3 differ from what God said in Gen. 2:16,17? _____


What was the serpent's response to the woman in Gen. 3:4? _____________________________

Who did the serpent say the woman would be like (v.5)? ________________________________

What did the serpent say they would know (v.5)? ______________________________________

What three things did the woman see (v.6)? __________________________________________


What did the woman do with the fruit (v.6)? _________________________________________

Where was her husband (v.6)? ____________________________________________________

What did her husband do with the fruit (v.6)? ________________________________________

If the woman followed her own answer to the serpent in Gen. 3:2,3, would she have eaten of the

fruit? ___________

What happened to the man and woman in verse 7? ____________________________________

What did they know after their eyes were opened (v.7)? ________________________________

What did they do when they discovered that they were naked (v.7)? _______________________


What did they hear (v.8)? ________________________________________________________

What did they do when they heard the Lord (v.8)? ____________________________________

What did God say to Adam (v.9)? _________________________________________________

How did Adam respond when he heard God's voice (v.10)? _____________________________

Why was Adam afraid and hide himself (v.10)? _______________________________________

What is the answer to God's first question (v.11)? _____________________________________

What is the answer to God's second question (v.11)? __________________________________

Who did the man blame (v.12)? ___________________________________________________

Who did the woman blame (v.13)? _________________________________________________

What did God do to the serpent (v.14)? ____________________________________________

How did God curse the serpent (v.14)? _____________________________________________

What did God put between the serpent and the woman (v.15)? __________________________

What will God put between the serpent's seed and the woman's seed (v.15)? ________________

What will the woman's seed do (v.15)? _____________________________________________

What will the serpent do (v.15)? __________________________________________________

Note: God is addressing Satan through the serpent who he used to tempt Eve. The woman's seed is Christ, who died for us.

What did God multiply to the woman (v.16)? ________________________________________

What would the woman have with child birth (v.16)? __________________________________

Where will be the woman's desire (v.16)? ___________________________________________

Who shall rule over the woman (v.16)? _____________________________________________

Why did Adam receive a punishment (v.17)? _________________________________________

What was cursed for Adam's sake (v.17)? ___________________________________________

What will the ground bring for Adam (v.18)? _________________________________________

What did Adam eat (v.18)? _______________________________________________________

In what shall Adam eat bread (v.19)? _______________________________________________

What is man (v.19)? _____________________________________________________________

To what will man return (v.19)? ___________________________________________________

What did Adam call his wife (v.20)? ________________________________________________


Why did Adam call his wife Eve (v.20)? _____________________________________________

What did God make for Adam and Eve (v.21)? _______________________________________

What did man know (v.22)? ______________________________________________________

What did God want to prevent (vv.22-23)? __________________________________________

Where did God send Adam (v.23)? _________________________________________________

What was Adam to do (v.23)? _____________________________________________________

What did God place at the east of the garden of Eden (v.24)? ____________________________

What was the purpose of the Cherubim and flaming sword (v.24)? ________________________

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