Genesis 14

What nations are represented in Genesis 14:1? ______________________________________

Who did the kings make war with (v.2)? ___________________________________________

Where did they make war (v.3)? _________________________________________________

What is another name for Siddim (v.3)? ___________________________________________

How many years did they serve Chedorlaomer (v.4)? _________________________________

When did Sodom and the other cities rebel (v.4)? ____________________________________

Who did Chedorlaomer and the kings attack (v.5, 6)? _________________________________

Whom did they attack in verse seven? ______________________________________________

What cities went out to battle these nations (v.8)? ____________________________________

How many kings were there on each side (v.9)? ______________________________________

What was in the valley of Siddim (v.10)? ___________________________________________

Which kings fled (v.10)? ________________________________________________________

Whose goods got taken (v.11)? __________________________________________________

Who was taken captive in verse twelve? ____________________________________________

Who did an escapee from the battle come and tell (v.13)? ______________________________

Who were allies with Abram (v.13)? _______________________________________________

How many men did Abram have with him (v.14)? _____________________________________

How far did Abram pursue the kings (v.14)? _________________________________________

What time of day did Abram attack (v.15)? __________________________________________

How far did the servants of Abram pursue the kings (v.15)? _____________________________

What did Abram bring back (v.16)? ________________________________________________

Who went to meet Abram (v.17)? _________________________________________________

Where did the king of Sodom meet Abram (v.17)? ___________________________________

Who was the king of Salem (v.18)? _______________________________________________

Who was Melchizedek the priest of (v.18)? _________________________________________

Who was blessed in verse nineteen? _______________________________________________

What did Melchizedek say God possessed (v.19)? __________________________________

Whom did he bless in verse twenty? _______________________________________________

Who delivered Abram enemies into his hands (v.20)? _________________________________

Who did Abram give the tithe to (v.20)? ___________________________________________

What did the king of Sodom say to Abram (v.21)? ___________________________________

Who does Abram say is the possessor of heaven and earth (v.22)? _______________________

What was Abram willing to take of the king of Sodom's (v.23)? _________________________

Why wouldn't Abram take anything that belonged to the king of Sodom (v.23)? ____________


What was Abram willing to take (v.24)? ____________________________________________

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