Genesis 13

What country did Abram leave (Gen. 13:1)? _____________________________________

Who left Egypt with Abram (v.1)? _____________________________________________

Where did Abram go after leaving Egypt (v.1)? ___________________________________

What riches did Abram have (v.2)? _____________________________________________

Where did Abram go when he left the South (v.3)? _________________________________

What did Abram do when he got near Bethel (v.4)? _________________________________

What did Lot possess (v.5)? ____________________________________________________

What problem did Abram and Lot have (v.6)? ______________________________________

Why couldn't Lot and Abram dwell together (v.6)? __________________________________

Who had strife between them (v.7)? ______________________________________________

Who also dwelt in the land (v.7)? ________________________________________________

What did Abram want to stop (v.8)? _____________________________________________

What did Abram suggest stopping the strife (v.9)? __________________________________

Who did Abram let choose his land first (v.9)? _____________________________________

Where did Lot fix his eyes upon (v.10)? __________________________________________

Why was the plain of Jordan desirable (v.10)? _____________________________________

What land did Lot choose (v.11)? _______________________________________________

What direction did Lot go (v.11)? _______________________________________________

Where did Abram dwell (v.12)? _________________________________________________

What city was Lot near (v.12)? _________________________________________________

How are the men of Sodom described (v.13)? ______________________________________

Which directions did the Lord want Abram to look (v.14)? ____________________________

What was the Lord giving to Abram (v.15)? _______________________________________

Who all did the Lord give the land (v.15)? _________________________________________

How plentiful would the Lord make Abram's descendants (v.16)? _______________________

What did the Lord want Abram to do in verse seventeen? _____________________________

Where did Abram dwell next (v.18)? ______________________________________________

What did Abram build in Hebron (v.18)? ___________________________________________

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