Genesis 11

What did the whole earth have (Gen.11:1)? _________________________________________

Where did they journey from (v.2)? _______________________________________________

Where did they dwell (v.2)? _____________________________________________________

What did the people make (v.3)? _________________________________________________

What was used for mortar (v.3)? _________________________________________________

What did the people say to build (v.4)? _____________________________________________

How high did they want to build the tower (v.4)? _____________________________________

What did the people want to make for themselves (v.4)? _______________________________

What did they try to prevent (v.4)? ________________________________________________

What did the Lord come down to see (v.5)? _________________________________________

What did all the people have (v.6)? ________________________________________________

Could the people accomplish more with one language (v.6)? ____________________________

Who is the Us in verse seven? ____________________________________________________

What was the Lord going down to do (v.7)? _________________________________________

What was the purpose of confusing the language (v.7)? ________________________________

What did the Lord do (v.8)? ______________________________________________________

What did the people do (v.8)? _____________________________________________________

What was the place called (v.9)? ___________________________________________________

Why was the place called Babel (v.9)? ______________________________________________

Where did the Lord scatter the people to (v.9)? _______________________________________

How old was Shem when he started having children (v.10)? _____________________________

When was Arphaxad born (v.10)? _________________________________________________

How long did Shem live after Arphaxad was born (v.11)? ______________________________

Did Shem have other children (v.11)? ______________________________________________

How old was Arphaxad when Salah was born (v.12)? _________________________________

How long did Arphaxad live after Salah was born (v.13)? ______________________________

How old was Salah when Eber was born (v.14)? _____________________________________

How long did Salah live total (vv.14-15)? __________________________________________

Who was Eber's son (v.16)? _____________________________________________________

How many total years did Eber live (vv.16-17)? _____________________________________

What was Peleg's son's name (v.18)? ______________________________________________

How long did Peleg live total (vv.18-19)? __________________________________________

Who was Reu's son (v.20)? _____________________________________________________

Did Reu have other children (v.21)? ______________________________________________

Who was Nahor's father (v.22)? _________________________________________________

How many total years did Serug live (vv.22-23)? ____________________________________

Who was Nahor's son (v.24)? ___________________________________________________

How long did Nahor live total (vv.24-25)? _________________________________________

Who were the son's of Terah (v.26)? _____________________________________________

Who begat Lot (v.27)? ________________________________________________________

Where was Haran born (v.28)? _________________________________________________

Who died before his father did (v.28)? ____________________________________________

What was Abram's wife's name (v.29)? ____________________________________________

What was Nahor's wife's name (v.29)? ____________________________________________

Who was Milcah's father (v.29)? _________________________________________________

Did Sarai have children in verse thirty? ____________________________________________

Who did Terah take with him when he moved (v.31)? ________________________________

Where did Terah leave from (v.31)? ______________________________________________

Where was Terah going (v.31)? _________________________________________________

Where did Terah end up (v.31)? ________________________________________________

How old was Terah when he died (v.32)? _________________________________________

Where did Terah die (v.32)? ___________________________________________________

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