Galatians 4

Who does not differ from a servant or a slave (Gal. 4:1)? ______________________________

Who is lord or master of all (v.1)? ________________________________________________

Who is the heir under (v.2)? _____________________________________________________

Until when is the heir under their authority (v.2)? ____________________________________

When we were children what were we in bondage under (v.3)? _________________________

When did God send forth His Son (v.4)? ___________________________________________

Who did God send (v.4)? _______________________________________________________

Who was the Son made of or born of (v.4)? _________________________________________

What was the Son made under or born under (v.4)? ___________________________________

What was the purpose of God sending His Son (vv.4-5)? _______________________________

Who did God want to redeem (v.5)? _______________________________________________

What was the result of redemption (v.5)? ____________________________________________

What did God send into your hearts (v.6)? ___________________________________________

Why did God send the Spirit of Christ into your hearts (v.6)? ____________________________

What did the Spirit cry (v.6)? _____________________________________________________

What did you stop being (v.7)? ____________________________________________________

What did you become (v.7)? ______________________________________________________

What is the privilege that goes with being a son (v.7)? _________________________________

Who made it possible for us to be an heir of God (v.7)? _________________________________

Who did those who did not know God give service to (v.8)? _____________________________

Who did they know and by whom were they known (v.9)? ______________________________

What were they turning to again (v.9)? ______________________________________________

What were they desiring to be in bondage to (v.9)? ___________________________________

What were they observing (v.10)? ________________________________________________

What was Paul afraid would be in vain for the Galatians (v.11)? ________________________

Who did Paul want the Galatians to be like (v.12)? ___________________________________

Who was not injured by the Galatians (v.12)? _______________________________________

What did Paul preach (v.13)? ____________________________________________________

Through or because of what did Paul preach the gospel (v.13)? _________________________

What did the Galatains not despise or reject (v.14)? ___________________________________

How did the Galatians receive Paul (v.14)? __________________________________________

What would the Galatians been willing to do for Paul (v.15)? ____________________________

Because of what did Paul ask if he became their enemy (v.16)? ___________________________

Do the false teachers benefit the Galatians (v.17)? _____________________________________

What do the false teachers want the Galatians to do for them (v.17)? ______________________

What is good according to verse 18? _______________________________________________

Does Paul need to be present for the Galatians to be zealous for a good thing (v.18)? _________

For whom did Paul have to travail or labor in birth again (v.19)? __________________________

Who is to be formed in you (v.19)? _________________________________________________

What two things would Paul like to do (v.20)? ________________________________________

What is Paul doubting (v.20)? _____________________________________________________

What did the Galatians desire (v.21)? _______________________________________________

What was the Galatians to hear (v.21)? _____________________________________________

What did Abraham have (v.22)? ___________________________________________________

Who were Abraham's sons by (v.22)? _______________________________________________

What was the son of the bondwoman born after or according to (v.23)? ____________________

What was the son of the freewoman born by or through (v.23)? __________________________

The sons born by the bondwoman and freewoman show or are symbols of what (v.24)? _______


Where is one of the covenants from (v.24)? __________________________________________

What does the covenant that was from Mount Sinai give birth to (v.24)? ___________________

This Hagar is ___________________________________________________ (v.25)?

Note: The Old Testament law was given at Mount Sinai.

What does Hagar answer to or correspond to (v.25)? __________________________________

What and who is in bondage (v.25)? _______________________________________________

What is the condition of the Jerusalem that is above (v.26)? _____________________________

What is the mother of us all (v.26)? ________________________________________________

Who should rejoice (v.27)? ______________________________________________________

What does the desolate have (v.27)? _______________________________________________

Note: Verse 27 quotes Isaiah 54:1

What was Isaac (v.28)? _________________________________________________________

Who all are the children of promise (v.28)? __________________________________________

Who persecuted who (v.29)? _____________________________________________________

Who persecutes who now in our day (v.29)? _________________________________________

Who did the scripture say to cast out (v.30)? _________________________________________

Who was not to be heir with the son of the freewoman (v.30)? ___________________________

We are not children of whom(v.31)? _______________________________________________

We are children of whom(v.31)? __________________________________________________

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