Galatians 1

What was Paul (Gal. 1:1)? ______________________________________________________

Who made Paul an apostle (v.1)? _________________________________________________

Who raised Jesus from the dead (v.1)? ____________________________________________

Who is Paul writing to (v.2)? ___________________________________________________

Where does the grace and peace come from (v.3)? __________________________________

What did Jesus Christ give Himself for (vv.3-4)? ____________________________________

What can Christ deliver us from (v.4)? ____________________________________________

According to Whose will are we delivered (v.4)? ___________________________________

Who should get the glory forever and ever (vv.4-5)? ________________________________

From Whom were the Galatians being removed from or were turning away from (v.6)? _____


To what were the Galatians being removed to or were turning away to (v.6)? ____________

What were some people trying to do (v.7)? _______________________________________

Who should be accursed (vv.8-9)? ______________________________________________

By what standard should a gospel be judged (vv.8-9)? _______________________________

What would happen if Paul sought to please men (v.10)? _____________________________

Where did the gospel that Paul preached not come from (vv.11-12)? ____________________

Where did Paul get the gospel that he preached (v.12)? _______________________________

Before Paul became a Christian what did he do to the church of God (v.13)? ______________


In what did Paul profit or advance (v.14)? _________________________________________

What was Paul zealous for (v.14)? _______________________________________________

Who separated Paul from his mother's womb (v.15)? _______________________________

Who called Paul through grace (v.15)? __________________________________________

What was it that pleased God (v.15-16)? _________________________________________

Who is Paul to preach Christ to (v.16)? __________________________________________

When Paul was called to preach what did Paul not confer with (v.16)? __________________

Whom did Paul not go to in verse 17? _____________________________________________

Where did Paul go in verse 17? _________________________________________________

After a three-year period of time where did Paul go (v.18)? ___________________________

How long was Paul with Peter (v.18)? ___________________________________________

Who did Paul see other than Peter and James (18-19)? _______________________________

Which James did Paul see (v.19)? _______________________________________________

Is Paul lying to his readers (v.20)? ____________________________________________

Where did Paul go after leaving Jerusalem (v.21)? ___________________________________

Who did not know Paul's face (v.22)? _____________________________________________

Who were in Christ (v.22)? _____________________________________________________

What did the churches in Judea hear about Paul (v.23)? ________________________________


Who got the glory because of the change in Paul (v.24)? _______________________________

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