Ephesians 4


What did Paul call himself (Eph. 4:1)? _____________________________________________


What does Paul beseech or urge them to do (v.1)? ____________________________________


With what characteristics should you walk worthy of the calling (v.2)? ___________________




In what should you bear with one another (v.2)? _____________________________________


What should you endeavor to keep (v.3)? ___________________________________________


In what type of bond should you keep this unity (v.3)? _________________________________


How many bodies are there (v.4)? _________________________________________________


How many Spirits are there (v.4)? _________________________________________________


How many hopes of your calling do you have (v.4)? __________________________________


How many Lords, faiths and baptisms (v.5)? ________________________________________


Who is God the Father of (v.6)? __________________________________________________


Who is above all, through all and in you all (v.6)? ____________________________________


What was given to every one of us (v.7)? ___________________________________________


According to what was this grace given (v.7)? _______________________________________


What two things did Christ do when He ascended up on high (v.8)? ______________________




What did Christ do before He ascended (v.9)? _______________________________________


To where did He descend (v.9)? __________________________________________________


To where did He ascend (v.10)? __________________________________________________


What was the purpose of Christ's ascension (v.10)? ___________________________________


What offices in the church did God have some men to be (v.11)? ________________________




What was the job of those church officers (v.12)? ____________________________________


What work are the saints to do (v.12)? _____________________________________________


What is to be edified (v.12)? _____________________________________________________


What are we all to come into (v.13)? _______________________________________________




What are we to be united in (v.13)? ________________________________________________


Who are we to have knowledge of (v.13)? __________________________________________


To what type of man are we to come to (v.13)? ______________________________________


To what measure are we to come to (v.13)? _________________________________________


What should we no more be like (v.14)? ____________________________________________


What should we not be carried about with (v.14)? ____________________________________


Where do these false doctrines come from (v.14)? ____________________________________


What should we speak (v.15)? ____________________________________________________


In what way should we speak the truth (v.15)? _______________________________________


Who are we to grow up into (v.15)? ________________________________________________


Who is the head (v.15)? _________________________________________________________


How is the whole body fitly joined together and compacted (v.16)? _______________________


Who is to be effectually working (v.16)? ____________________________________________


What happens when every part is effectually working (v.16)? ____________________________




Who should you not walk as (v.17)? _______________________________________________


What part of their mind do the Gentiles walk (v.17)? __________________________________


What happened to their understanding (v.18)? _______________________________________


What are they alienated from (v.18)? _______________________________________________


Why are they alienated from the life of God (v.18)? ____________________________________




What are they past (v.19)? _______________________________________________________


What have they given themselves over to (v.19)? _____________________________________


What type of work are they doing (v.19)? ___________________________________________


Who have they not learned of by living that way (v.20)? ________________________________


Who should you have been taught by (v.21)? ________________________________________


Who is the truth in (v.21)? _______________________________________________________


What should you put off (v.22)? __________________________________________________


What is the old man like (v.22)? ___________________________________________________


What are you to be renewed in (v.23)? _____________________________________________


What are you to put on (v.24)? ___________________________________________________


What is the new man like (v.24)? _________________________________________________


What are you to put away (v.25)? _________________________________________________


What are you to speak with your neighbor (v.25)? ____________________________________


What are we members of (v.25)? __________________________________________________


What are you not to do when you are angry (v.26)? ___________________________________


When are you to stop your wrath (v.26)? ____________________________________________


Who are you not to give place to (v.27)? ____________________________________________


What is the person who stole to do no more (v.28)? ____________________________________


What is the thief to do instead (v.28)? ______________________________________________


Who is the thief to give to (v.28)? __________________________________________________


What is not to come out of your mouth (v.29)? _______________________________________


What is to come out of your mouth (v.29)? __________________________________________


What are those edifying words to do (v.29)? _________________________________________


What are you not to do to the Holy Spirit (v.30)? _____________________________________


You are sealed with the Holy Spirit unto or for when (v.30))? ___________________________




What are you to put away from you (v.31)? _________________________________________




How are you to treat one another (v.32)? ____________________________________________


To what extent are you to forgive one another (v.32)? __________________________________



By Pastor Todd R. Cook (toddrcook@biblestudies4u.info)


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