Ephesians 1


Who wrote Ephesians (Eph. 1:1)? ________________________________________________


What is Paul called (v.1)? ______________________________________________________


By whose will is Paul an apostle (v.1)? ____________________________________________


Who is the letter to (v.1)? _______________________________________________________


How are the Ephesians described (v.1)? ____________________________________________


What is from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ (v.2)? ___________________________


Who all is blessed (v.3)? ________________________________________________________


What have we been blessed with (v.3)? _____________________________________________


Where have we been blessed (v.3)? ________________________________________________


We were chosen in whom (Who is the him?) (v.4)? ____________________________________


When were we chosen (v.4)? _____________________________________________________


What was the purpose of us being chosen (v.4)? ______________________________________




What were we predestined to (v.5)? ________________________________________________


By whom were we predestined (v.5)? ______________________________________________


To whom were we predestined (v.5)? ______________________________________________


According to what were we predestined (v.5)? _______________________________________


What were we predestined to in verse six? __________________________________________


In whom are we made acceptable (v.6)? ____________________________________________


What do we have through Christ's blood (v.7)? _______________________________________


What is according to the riches of His grace (v.7)? ____________________________________


He has abounded toward us in all what (v.8)? _______________________________________


What did He make known to us (v.9)? _____________________________________________


According to what did He make known this mystery (v.9)? _____________________________


When is He going to gather together in one all things (v.10)? ___________________________


Where are the things Christ will gather together (v.10)? ________________________________


Who has obtained an inheritance (v.11)? ____________________________________________


What are we being predestined according to (v.11)? ___________________________________


We who first trust in Christ should be to what (v.12)? _________________________________


When did you trust in Christ (v.13)? _______________________________________________


The gospel of your what (v.13)? __________________________________________________


What were you sealed with (v.13)? ________________________________________________


The Holy Spirit of promise is the guarantee of what (v.14)? _____________________________


Until when is the Holy Spirit our inheritance (v.14)? __________________________________


This is all unto the praise of what (v.14)? ___________________________________________


What two things did Paul hear of (v.15)? ___________________________________________




What did Paul not cease to give (v.16)? _____________________________________________


Where did Paul make mention of them (v.16)? _______________________________________


What is God the Father of (v.17)? _________________________________________________


What did Paul pray God would give to them (v.17)? __________________________________




What did Paul pray would be enlightened (v.18)? _____________________________________


Paul prayed that you may know the hope of what (v.18)? _______________________________


Paul prayed that you may know what are the riches of what (v.18)? _______________________




Where is God's inheritance (v.18)? ________________________________________________


Paul prayed that you may know what is the exceeding greatness of what (v.19)? ____________




What is His power toward us who believe according to (v.19)? _________________________


Who did God work His power in (v.20)? ___________________________________________


When did God work His power in Christ (v.20)? _____________________________________




Where is Christ seated (v.20)? ____________________________________________________


What is Christ seated far above (v.21)? _____________________________________________




Will a future person be seated above Christ (v.21)? ___________________________________


What are all things put under (v.22)? _______________________________________________


What is Christ the head over (v.22)? _______________________________________________


What is Christ's body (vv.22-23)? _________________________________________________


Who fills all in all (v.23)? _______________________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook (toddrcook@biblestudies4u.info)


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