1 Timothy 5

Who are you not to rebuke (1 Tim. 5:1)? ____________________________________________

How are you to treat a elder or older man (v.1)? ______________________________________

How are you to treat younger men (v.1)? ____________________________________________

How are you to treat elder women (v.2)? ____________________________________________

How are you to treat younger women (v.2)? _________________________________________

Who are you to honor (v.3)? ______________________________________________________

Who should show piety to and take care of widows (v.4)? ______________________________

How does God view children taking care of their elderly mothers (v.4)? ___________________

How are widows to live (v.5)? ____________________________________________________


Who is dead while she lives (v.6)? ________________________________________________

What are the things Timothy is to command (vv.4-7)? _________________________________


Who has denied the faith and is worse than an infidel or unbeliever (v.8)? _________________


What two conditions were need for a widow to be taken into the number for the church to

provide for them (v.9)? _________________________________________________________

Were good works needed for a widow to be taken into the number (vv.9-10)? ______________

Who was the widow to relieve (v.10)? _____________________________________________

Who was to be refused (v.11)? ___________________________________________________

Why were the younger widows to be refused (v.11)? __________________________________

Why would they have damnation or condemnation (v.12)? ______________________________


What other negative things might the younger widows do (v.13)? ________________________


What does Paul will or desire the younger widows to do (v.14)? __________________________


Who is not to be given an opportunity to speak reproachfully (v.14)? ______________________

To whom have some already turned aside (v.15)? ______________________________________

What should any believing man or woman do for their widowed parents (v.16)? _____________

Who should not be burdened or charged with widows who have believing children (v.16)? ____

What should the elders who rule well be counted worthy of (v.17)? _______________________

What do the elders labor in (v.17)? ________________________________________________

Who shall you not muzzle (v.18)? _________________________________________________

Who is worthy of his reward or wages (v.18)? ________________________________________

How many witnesses are need to receive an accusation against an elder (v.19)? ______________

Where are you to rebuke those who are sinning (v.20)? ________________________________

Why rebuke them in the presence of all (v.20)? _______________________________________

Before whom is Paul charging Timothy (v.21)? ______________________________________

Without what are they to observe these things (v.21)? _________________________________

They are to do nothing by or with what (v.21)? _______________________________________

What are you not to share in or be a partaker of (v.22)? ________________________________

What are you to keep pure (v.22)? _________________________________________________

What was the purpose of using a little wine (v.23)? ____________________________________

Some men's sins are what (v.24)? _________________________________________________

Some men's sins are going before or preceding them to what (v.24)? ______________________

The good works of some are what (v.25)? ___________________________________________

What cannot be hidden (v.25)? ____________________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook
E-mail: Todd R. Cook

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