1 Timothy 2


What is to be made for all men (1 Tim. 2:1)? ________________________________________


Who else are supplications, prayers, intercessions and thanks to be made for (v.2)? __________




What is the purpose of these prayers (v.2)? __________________________________________


In what characteristics are we to lead a quiet and peaceable life (v.2)? ____________________


What is good and acceptable in the sight of God (vv.1-3)? ______________________________




What does God desire (v.4)? _____________________________________________________


What is between God and men (v.5)? ______________________________________________


Who is the one mediator (v.5)? ___________________________________________________


Who gave Himself as a ransom for all (vv.5-6)? ______________________________________


When is He to be testified (v.6)? __________________________________________________


What was Paul appointed or ordained as (v.7)? _______________________________________


Who is Paul a teacher of (v.7)? ___________________________________________________


In what realms is Paul a teacher of Gentiles (v.7)? ____________________________________


Where does Paul want the men to pray (v.8)? ________________________________________


What are they to pray without (v.8)? _______________________________________________


What are the women to adorn themselves in (v.9)? ____________________________________


With what characteristics are the women to adorn themselves (v.9)? ______________________


What are the women not to adorn themselves with (v.9)? _______________________________


What are women to profess (v.10)? ________________________________________________


What type of works are these women to have (v.10)? __________________________________


How are these women to learn (v.11)? _____________________________________________


What is a woman not allowed to do over a man (v.12)? ________________________________


Who was formed first (v.13)? ____________________________________________________


Who was deceived (v.14)? _______________________________________________________


What did the woman fall into (v.14)? ______________________________________________


What will she be saved in (v.15)? _________________________________________________


What must they continue in (v.15)? ________________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook
E-mail: Todd R. Cook

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